Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Final Punch Of Quest

From Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts I have learned a lot about the sport of fighting. I still haven't hit it all though because their is more types of fighting out there. From my thirty day quest I have seen that many people have deeper meaning of fighting. Some of the fighters do it to make their lives better like Manny Pacquiao who ran away at the age of 14 to work. This was to help his mother and let his bother finish school. Before he left he was living in poverty not really having a house. Today he is one of the richest people in the world. Some one asked him in a interview if is his children would box he replied no because he said he wants more for his children and he keeps boxing out of his family life. Other then fighting to make life better some fighters do it for pride of their countries. Juan Manuel Marquez in every fight represents Mexico. He gives his all taking a punch to give a punch is pretty much his philosophy sometimes winning and sometimes losing but in the end giving his all. I might never find out what the main reason behind why people go in the world wide sport of fighting but I know that fighting is a lot heart then violence.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mike Tyson Of Welterweight

Considered one of the best welterweights but yet to really prove hes the best. I consider his style of boxing to be similiar to Mike Tyson but with his own style of fast movement. Andre Berto is undefeated with 26 wins under his belt. Out of those 26 wins 20 of them came by knockout. What makes me admire this boxer is his pride for his country of Haiti. He dropped out of a fight with Shane Mosley just to help Haiti with the earthquake that it was envolved in. When he did this it showed that he cared more about his fans then the money or the history he could make. When I think about what kind of heart Berto has, it makes me wonder if maybe the world would be better if we just stop and give a hand. The hand that we would give everyone might branch off into a tree of kindness to just be able to live in a world with no war but with peace and love.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Near the End

Wow! The quest is almost over mine wasn't as hard as other people's quest but it changed my views on certain stuff. One of the things I do is judge a fighter by what he does in front of a camera instead of seeing what he truly is underneath. Example is I always hated Rashad Evans but after see him coach ultimate fighter he was more heart felt then anything. He was for the people he trained instead of wanting to win the show. He likes to see the sport of Mixed Martial Arts grow. He is the big talker but in the end thats all just entertainment to get pay-per view sells.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The marketing side of MMA there is one name that comes to mind and thats tapout. They represent alot of great fighters in UFC and alot of unknown names. The thing that got me to like tapout clothing wear is the guy that they call "The Mask" is real name though is Charles Lewis. He is my idol when it comes to hard times because he took many of them to just turn them into to good times that would be benificial to others. He loved this sport and the fans that helped it grow. In my mind I wish everyone was like the The Mask Of Tapout because then the world might have war or never see a hungry mouth again, instead people would see everyone helping eachother to get out of hard times.
R.I.P. Charles "The Mask" Lewis

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Research Paper
Doing Research for my Research Paper today was helpful because i learned stuff today that i didn't know. One thing i learned was That DanWhite is becoming a bigger promoter than the boxing legend Don King i thought was impossible. Doing my research paper on ufc was quite difficult because i have so many topics to pick from. I couldn't do all of them unless i had to write a book. Doing all these papers close to my quest is very helpful on getting deeper in to what fighting is really about learning about people that don't fight but setup the fights that everyone loves to enjoy. In my mind researching sports bring you closer to sports that you never thought possible.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Not Hearing But Seeing the road to greatness

When you think of a deaf athlete you wouldn't think he would be in the sport of fighting. The people that would believe that to be true would be wrong on so many levels. One of the top light-heavyweight contenders in the ufc is deaf. Matt Hamill first began in wrestling  becoming a three-time NCAA division III National Chamion in the 167, 190, and 197 weight classes. Hamill also has a silver medal in Greco-Roman and Gold in Freestyle wrestling from the 2001 summer deaflympics. He started his UFC career on the show of ultimate fighter but couldn't continue to the semi-finals because of an injury but returned to face fellow ultimate fighter contestant in the finale to beat him by KO. In my mind is biggest accomplish is that he became the man to clear the road for other deaf people to have the motivation to fight in MMA. I Can't wait to see this amazing fighters next fight.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Defending Ones Right

Georges St. Pierre is a fighter that had a bad childhood which should show why people stop bullying. When he was younger he went to school where kids would steal his clothes and money. When at the age of 7 his dad taught him kyokushin karate which helped GSP defend himself against a school bully. I think Georges is a good role model for anyone that is getting bullied. This is what this sport is all about because their is deeper stories then what people thought to be possible